April 5, 2020

Every problem


Some problems aren’t a natural fit for any of the beds they could find themselves. They cross boundaries, they have no borders, they’re bigger than all of us, they’re nobody’s fault. They kinda-sorta touch a lot of places and kinda-sorta don’t grab hold of any.

One option is to organise a multifaceted, cross-functional fingers, in every pie, omni talented team. Bring them together and hope they’ll orchestrate themselves. They won’t. Or maybe you can do it, squeezed amongst every other thing. You won’t, or not well, not with focus, not with enough attention to detail or follow through. It will be a kludge.

Or, you could make it one person’s responsibility. Give them resources and the political clout, clear their path, let them orchestrate. 

One person, one focus, one reporting line. Stand back and watch (out for) them (as they) deliver.

Skippy strategy: Every problem needs and owner.