August 15, 2020

Every star


Did you notice that it’s not a perfect world and things don’t pan out the way they were supposed when you built the spreadsheet. The customer makes decisions more slowly than you’d like, they’re more difficult to talk to, your team have competing priorities, actually, everybody has competing priorities, the money doesn’t flow they way you thought, the components are late, the code is easier and easier then difficult then intractable, the sun doesn’t shine and the snow comes late. What seemed a slam dunk, isn’t. What would never happen, does. Those resources you were supposed to get, are conflicted and compromised and don’t live up to the billing.

Ho hum.

The point of the plan is in the planning. Build plans knowing they’ll need constant attention, never one that depends on every star aligning. 

Skippy strategy: There will be earthquakes. Things will go wrong. The heavens will shift.