December 13, 2021

Everything after


Bringing new ideas to the world naturally makes you focus on the bringing part and the new part.

The new is the thing, the what, the new way of doing something, the new product or service. We focus on what it should be, who it’s for, what has to happen and the actual next step, and then the next. New, new, new.

The bringing is the process of delivery. The strategy, the planning and the execution, the step by step by step by which we turn ideas into all those new things.

It’s all about creating and delivering the baby.

But to have real impact, what happens next is more profoundly important than what went before. In impact terms, it’s more about customer ten or one hundred, it’s more about year three.

The long focus: everything after that initial cradle.

Skippy strategy: It’s about everything after the moment of delivery.