January 24, 2021

Everything is important


Everything is important. Everything is a priority. Everything merits as much time and consideration as everything else. Right? No! Of course not. Some things are more important than others, some things demand more time, more effort, more focus, more people, more immediate attention than others.

Which? Which things, which projects that you’re working on, right now, are the most important? Rank them, individually, one to however many you have. If that’s too difficult, put them in buckets, from extremely important to ho-hum. Now think back over the past week or month, how much time did you put into each thing? Was it related to importance or something else? Most likely, despite the relative importance, your prioritised the easy things, the social things, the things you were being badgered about, and a bunch of things you can’t even remember.

Skippy strategy: Prioritise by importance, then do the important things.