October 6, 2018

Everything together


It’s complicated. How all the parts come together to produce the whole. All the parts. Some play a bigger role than others and some are more influential, but every one has some effect, each influences at least some of the others. The results come from this and this and the rest of everything. Together. 

Cause and effect. 

Or more accurately, causes and effects.

Which means pulling one piece over the coals because the outcome wasn’t what you wanted is … not respecting reality.

If the objective was clear and the plan was executed as agreed, you have to take what comes and learn the lessons for improving the plan next time.

When things don’t work out as you wanted, don’t waste time looking for something or someone to blame. Learn, refocus on the objective, and course correct.

Skippy strategy: The objective, learn through all the strategies and tactics, deliver the objective.