November 25, 2019

Experience and dexterity


With all that experience, with all that dexterity, with all that inside information about the what and the who and the when of the thing, you find things a little more obvious and a little less bother than some of the people around you. A quick decision, a zig instead of a zag, bouncing things off the bigger picture, resting on some domain expertise here and some pattern matching there – it all comes a little bit easier.

That not true for everyone. They struggle because they lack things you take for granted. It takes them longer, they have to work it out from first principles, it’s an uphill struggle working in the dark. These are the kind of challenges they have to face to build their own experience and dexterity.

That’s a good thing.

Skippy strategy: Don’t jump in. Give them time to work things out and get to the line.