July 5, 2018

Extra coffee time


We imagine that as soon as our email hits their Inbox they’ll spring into action and get on with whatever it is we want them to get on with, and that before we can say lickety-split the job will be done and they’ll be jumping on the next thing. A picture of efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s a two time fantasy.

The first is that getting something into your Sent Items simultaneously gets it off your To-Do list and extra coffee time. It doesn’t. It just hides it for a while, right up until it bounces back – which costs you time and guilt, and you still have to get things done.

The second is that anyone will jump into action at the hint of your ding. They won’t. That’s not how things get done. Email isn’t management. It’s email.

Skippy strategy: The way to get things done – follow through or follow up.