August 22, 2016

Extreme nurture


There’s the day to day. Turning up, breathing in, breathing out, going home. In the middle, you do your thing – personally and organisationally. Creating value in every meeting and for every customer. It’s business as usual.

Then there’s the projects. New things and new ways that create more value for tomorrow. By definition, not business as usual. Tweaking, improving, inventing, rolling the changes. Every day a little better than yesterday.

Then there’s the special projects.

The game changers.

Not a better version of yesterday, but a whole new category or company or division or product group or team.

So far from business as usual that business as usual – dragging back, sucking attention – won’t allow the focus on the new-new.

Special projects don’t fit the day to day – they only survive with extreme nurturing.

Time, attention, space, protection.

Skippy strategy: Give game changing projects a special rulebook.