March 26, 2018

Face forward


An update meeting. Scheduled by the date. Pretty similar to last time. Same ol’ dog and shire horse show. Plenty familiar, a little lumbering, a tiny percentage I’m kinda interested in. Monthly misery, weekly woe, ritual boredom.

And that’s the good ones.

The worst … another opportunity to be beaten with disappointments, missed deadlines, and “developmental feedback”.

Don’t do that.

If you really need an update (do you?), make it face forward. Not updating on the past, but pushing for what needs to happen next because of that past.

This happened, yay! … which means we’re moving on to Phase 2.

This happened, boo! … how do we (which means you and you and me) adjust to keep moving forward?

This happened, hmm? … do we react or is it steady as she goes?

When you stop for updates, keep facing forward.

Skippy strategy: Updates, facing forward, focused on what’s happening next.