November 4, 2021

Facts and move


Those conversations, the ones where we say something is the case, and they say something else. We’re not arguing about the facts, we’re just arguing about their interpretation or how those facts came about. Is there any way to win those conversations?

No. Because if you manage to convince them they’ll feel defeated and, unless that’s the point, win-win is always a better outcome than win-lose. You need people to join you on your side of the table, not to reel backwards in the face of a superior argument.

Almost always, the smart way is to agree the undisputed facts and step away from disputed interpretation. Most times, the dispute is more about point scoring than progress, and progress is where we need to focus.

So, facts and move forward, facts and move forward. Don’t be drawn into an argument.

Skippy strategy: Avoid the argument unless you have no choice.