October 23, 2021

Feels like spaghetti


 Change is complicated. Introducing new people into an existing system is hard. Combining process change with onboarding new members to the team? That’s logarithmic in its complexity. And, understanding that it’s hard, it’s not surprising that everything will suffer before it gets better. The new systems will feel like they’re not fit for purpose – because no one knows how to run them. The new people will look like they don’t know what they’re doing – because no one knows what they’re doing. Sometimes, the entire game looks and feels like spaghetti.

You hope for moments of clarity. You wait for the green shoots. You plead for something, anything, to be good.

Knowing it’s hard, you might feel tempted to soft-shoe when things go wrong. Don’t. Use every little thing as a learning exercise. And then act on the lessons.

Skippy strategy: Change is hard, but you have to act on the lessons.