May 22, 2019

Fewer cracks


After a while of doing what you do, you and your team find ways of working that smooth over the cracks. You know exactly where to apply the sticking plasters, how to scoot past the weaknesses in your proposition and when to accentuate the positives. You get comfortable with a certain level of support, with a certain amount of funding, with the people in the room, with the good things and the bad things.

You settle into a relaxed performance that becomes the new normal that works for you, your partners and and your customers.

The question you should ask, the question your competitors and upstarts and left field alternatives are asking … is it enough?

If you didn’t start where you are now, would this be the answer or would you find new ways of doing things? More positives, fewer cracks?

Skippy strategy: If you didn’t start here …