July 20, 2020

Find the lumps


There’s a story to be told with data. The P&L, the uptime summary, the demographics, the profile. We prod and poke and massage and message until the data tells the story – sometimes the story it wants to tell, sometimes the one we want it to tell. With a click, or a ping, or a thud, that’s the report.

You have a choice – be the teller of the story, or the consumer. Bury yourself in detail, or let someone else do the work.

Sometimes though, when you really need to know, when the only instincts you trust (or are available) are your own, when the summary might be hiding another story, or hiding the real story, then the only thing to do is get elbow deep in the data yourself, run your hands through it and find the lumps.

Skippy strategy: The data is the place with the real story.