February 6, 2022

Finding and convincing


At bottom, it’s a simple idea – sell things for more than they cost to produce.

One of the factors is the cost of selling – the cost of going out there, one way or the other, and finding people, customers, who value the product of your labours at a higher level than the face value of the cash in their bank account. Finding people who want what you have, so much, that they’re willing to move that cash from their place to yours. 

Finding and convincing those people is never easy and always takes more time than you want – and costs more.

The lowest cost-to-find customer – the one with the lowest cost of selling – is the customer you already know, who appreciates the value you’re offering, and has a track record of buying it from you. Go speak to them.

Skippy strategy: First port of call … people you know.