July 27, 2018

Finish the job


When you finish the job, properly, it kind of looks after itself. There’s no need to go back and touch-up the edges you missed, you don’t have to spend time coaching everyone around the holes and patching up the leaks. It. Just. Works.

You might want to go back in a while – check in on how things are going, see if there’s any additional work or referrals – but only if you want and only on your schedule. No firefighting. No emergencies. Just the confidence to move on to the next thing.

The opposite: lack of excellence in delivery means a extra (at their convenience) requirement to support. Less effort before the event (a few cut corners, some things swept under the carpet, ta da!) turns into more effort after it (re-doing what wasn’t done right).

Your choice. Now or later.

Skippy strategy: Do the whole job, do it properly.