February 12, 2018

Finishing finishing


Finishing a project is one of those rare moments when the world slows down a little bit. There’s that thrill of hitting the final Save, pressing Send, delivering the service to a well earned Thank You, waving them off and closing the door.

Your to-do list is shorter, your diary less full. You might even get a quite moment.

Problem is … there’s very often some after-the-party actions that make the difference between downing tools and finishing things off nicely. That push things over the actual can’t-be-disputed finish line rather than just somewhere in the vicinity. That in six weeks will tell you that you did a proper job.

It’s about finishing finishing.

Thank you notes, proof reading the release, recognising the learning and weaving it in, putting everything where it belongs, tie up loose threads.

Skippy strategy: Before you cross the bridge, one final check – and deal with what you find.