June 7, 2019

Firm it up


If strategy is an expensive word for a plan, then plan is a socially sellable word for a guess. Which is to say, dress it up any way you like and twice on Sundays, and no matter what  you call it, any time you lay out the steps you you’ll take in pursuit of some thing or some place you’ve never been before … you’re guessing.

Experience helps, so your guesses are a little more worldly wise, but even if you’ve scaled Everest seven times already, this time the weather is different and the team has changed and the equipment’s updated and there’s more of this and less of that.

Which means, it’s a guess.

Work up the best plan you can with the resources at hand … and then, with humility, deal with the reality you find.

Skippy strategy: Once you’ve guessed/planned, firm it up along the way.