June 4, 2018

First and last


With so much to do and all of it urgent, everything’s a priority. But which is number one? There can only ever be one number one, and it’s always a tough choice. New customers, product development, acquisition, disposal, recruitment, supply chain, efficiency, effectiveness? All important, and all competing not only with each other but with every other little thing that makes its way to your horizon.

Which comes top? Not just today, but for the next definite period.

That doesn’t mean, which gets all the intent whilst everything else suffers. Priority does mean exclusivity. It means, what gets special consideration? What gets more time, talent and attention than it otherwise would? It signifies the meetings you won’t juggle, the thing you consider when considering anything else, the first and last line on the agenda.

What’s the most important thing you’re working on?

Skippy strategy: Set the priority, make it clear.