June 21, 2021

First time


It can feel like all presentations are one way. You’re so used to standing in front of the screen, talking through the points, putting emphasis where it’s always put, transitioning from one subject to the next, one concept into the other, that you miss the quizzical look, the raised eyebrow, the excitement, the confusion. You miss that everyone processes everything differently and at different speeds. At the end, you slam the lid and move on to the next thing on the list.

If you can – every time you can – every single time you can – mine for understanding, dig for comprehension, ask questions of the questioners, take an extra minute here and an extra paragraph there to break down points, explain meanings, and bring everyone along on as similar a journey as possible. For them, it’s the first time.

Skippy strategy: It may not be your first time, it’s definitely theirs.