October 25, 2017

First violin


There’s the first violin. A great interpreter with a keen ear and the respect of their peers, smart, a fantastic technician, a leader of sorts who shows the way whilst standing to the side and supporting the team. Crucial to the smooth running and cohesion of the whole.

You need a first violin. You might even be first violin.

You also need a conductor. With the breadth of vision, depth of skills and confidence to lead from the front. Demanding, cajoling, inspiring, motivating. Bringing each player to the fore at the right moment, coherent with the team and with the overall ambition.

In their heart, most leaders are technicians first. They’ve come from the orchestra, they’re comfortable picking up and instrument and playing. They’re comfortable when it’s in their hands.

Despite comfort, despite familiarity, despite relying on yourself … your primary role: conductor.

Skippy strategy: Pick up the baton.