October 18, 2019



If you counted them, seventeen little things that have built and built whilst you’ve dealt with all the urgent stuff.

It’s time to strap in at your desk and chew through the pile of little bitty administrative nitty to-do gritty irritating little stuff and bits that sit between you and the sense of freedom you get when you fulfil all your commitments and are bang up to date with your inbox. The flotsam that fills your head with distractions when you have a decent chunk of meaty work to do, dragging off your focus, weighing you down with an unknown, unsized, unconsidered burden.

Seventeen I’ll get to it laters.

Later has come.

It’s time. Find an hour, just one, write a list and then start ticking thing off from the top. No prioritisation (if they needed it, they’d be done already). Just get on with it.

Skippy strategy: From the top.