September 29, 2017

Focus forwards


We don’t need update meetings. We don’t need to know what you did yesterday or last week. Nobody benefits when you to give a blow-by-blow or recount who said what to whom. To put in bluntly, nobody cares about your personal history. It might be interesting, it might even make us laugh or cry, but frankly, there’s no leverage in minutiae.

What we do care about … blockers, lessons learned, decisions we need to make, progress and lack of progress – information we can use to coordinate clocks, reassign resources, focus attention, change direction and set hares running. We care about are the actionable morsels. What we really care about is how your efforts will affect and change the efforts of others.

What do we need to talk about? … How your yesterday affects everyone else’s tomorrow.

Skippy strategy: Don’t focus backwards, focus forwards.