May 29, 2020

For feedback


Do any of us really like feedback? Do we? Don’t we wish we could do without it and just plough on with what, at least to us, is a clear heart and a sparkling vision?

Of course, we appreciate it. Of course. Sure. We understand it’s an important force that let’s us see though other’s eyes and feel through their feet. We know the benefit of a fresh perspective, the value in an alternative opinion that comes with its own experience and expertise and judgements and biases. We totally get that, in the end, whilst two or twenty heads may not actually be better than one, at least we get to make an assessment based on knowledge rather than assumption. And don’t even talk about assumptions.

Do we like feedback? Really? Maybe not.

Should we ask for it anyway? Absolutely. Every time. From everybody.

Skippy strategy: Maintain your instruments.