March 21, 2021

Fresh expectations


Some of us are pretty good (bad) at expressing our dissatisfactions. Good, in that we voice them, bad in that we voice them to the wrong people (not responsible or not able to affect them) or that we don’t voice them to the right people (those responsible and those … you get the picture).

Assuming then that you’re one of the good ones (who takes the time for a reasonable assessment and then shares it with honesty and in the spirit of inquiry in producing better outcomes), you’ll know that there sometimes comes a point when it isn’t enough. The next step is to stop the clock, provide still more space for reflection and feedback, and reboot the system to start things fresh (fresh process, fresh expectations, fresh relationship, fresh opinions).

Skippy strategy: To get things going in a new direction, breathe in, breathe out, and hit the reboot button.