September 17, 2016



Don’t you love being right? When there’s a conflict of opinion, or sketchily understood fact, or choice to be made about A or B. Don’t you love it when you’re view wins the day, when your bucket holds water, when your chosen route brings you home?

And … don’t you love being wrong? When the other guy’s arrow proves true, when the facts are firmed and yours were mushy, when you said A but B cuts the the shortest path?

Because … in the end … don’t you just love finding the solution and who cares where it comes from?

When the game is getting where you want to go, the first thing that matters is getting there. The smart way is better than the dumb way. Who was right and who adds nothing.

Fuhgeddaboudit. Focus on the end game.

Skippy strategy: The question isn’t … Who is right. It’s … What is right?