November 14, 2017

Full of kinks


What seems big at the beginning normally seems bigger at the end – but you made it.

What seems small at the beginning, also seems bigger at the end – but you made it.

The trick then, is accepting that whatever you think at the beginning is probably wrong, and starting all the same.

Then taking one step after another, even as they take you around in circles, until you get to the end.

Because you’ll never get to the end without starting.

So very zen.

What does it really mean?

That project, the one you’ve been thinking about, the one full of kinks, the one you haven’t started yet … either kill it now and stop wasting your time, or get on with it. Because if you don’t start, you’ll never work out the kinks, and you’ll never get to the end. Ever.

Skippy strategy: Start. One foot after the other. End.