July 21, 2020

Get a grip


We all have a lot to do. Heaps. And we mostly muddle through, juggling priorities and nudging things along, and occasionally managing clear focus when something is more important than anything else. Like that presentation, or that installation, or an immovable deadline. Most times though – muddle, nudge, chivvy works fine.

Which is a recipe for getting things done, just not quickly. Which is a recipe for frustration and missed less-important, self-imposed, wouldn’t-it-be-lovely deadlines.

When it’s important enough, you get a grip, and you hold on until it’s done. The critical ingredients: time (which you make) and focus (which you give).

So when something needs doing, and it’s taking too long with the muddle-nudge strategy, give it to someone who has the time (which you make) and the focus (which they give) to get it done.

Skippy strategy: If it needs doing, get a grip. If it’s less important, muddle-nudge.