October 30, 2019

Get it all done


There are definitely times when you want to slack off. When the hour is late and the deadline is long and the day got away with you. And that’s ok. Take it easy … as long as nobody’s waiting on you doing your bit today so they can do their bit tomorrow … and as long as … and as long as … and as long as …

Better: get it all done.

Fulfil on your commitments – to others and yourself.

Do the things you said you were going to do, do them at the agreed standard, do them on time and within budget. Don’t half do them half-heartedly. Don’t walk away leaving a mess that has to be cleared tomorrow, get it all done now. Do them so you’re happy when you turn out the light.

Skippy strategy: A day lost today is a day lost at the end. Get today’s work done now.