November 17, 2023

Get it done


There are always tasks you hate. Stuff that’s explicitly your responsibility or only you can do, stuff that fits your remit and nobody else’s but that you don’t enjoy, or is outside your skillset, or is just plain old dog work.

What are you gonna do?

– Put if off until you have no choice and the added misery of time pressure?

– Do it half-hearted, badly, slowly. Dragging out the suffering and sucking energy from everything else you have to do?

– Moan about it, loudly, so everyone knows about it in the process – teaching them with your every action what you’re like and what passes for acceptable behaviour in your eyes?

– Suck it up. Get over yourself, the task and the work it demands … and get it done. You know, model behaviours you’d expect from everyone else?

Skippy strategy: It’s your job – even when you hate it, suck it up.