May 30, 2016

Get out of town


You know you have to get from here to there, but how? So many steps, so many turnings, so many unknowns.

Planning is daunting. A blank whiteboard and empty faces show how little you know. What about …? And then there’s …? And how about …? Getting started can be the hardest part.

It’s impossible to pre-plan every step so don’t try.

Decide on a clear direction and immediate steps. Less mapping out the whole journey, more deciding on North and working out how to get out of town. After that, you can trust that roads exist, even if you don’t know which ones you’ll take – knowing that they’ll be there and that fuel is available should be enough to get you moving. Everything else, you can work out on the way.

There are risks, but a journey that never starts get you nowhere.

Skippy strategy: Get out of town, and work it out from there.