July 31, 2017

Give it form


We’ve all had good ideas.

We’ve all had great times around a whiteboard.

We’ve all wrassled with concepts for days without quite bringing them to solid form.

We’ve all been caught in the thinking-not-doing loop, and sometimes, we’ve all seen solid starts dissolve into noise without ever really knowing.

Don’t let it happen.

Move things on. Give them form.

Bring every session to a conclusion – maybe in the room, maybe after. At the very least – this is what we said. Not the final answer, but a solid place to start next time around. Turn whiteboards into slides, build prototypes with post-its, organise the lumpy bits, draw a sketch, knock it into shape.

Making it real makes it easier to test and bend and hone and improve and commit or pull apart or discard. Whatever happens next, clarity reigns.

Skippy strategy: Make the thinking tangible.