April 30, 2018

Go around


Some problems lend themselves to solutions. Maybe they’re easy, maybe they’re complex yet readily soluble, maybe the ducks are all lined up and just waiting from someone to march them out to the jetty. And then the problem solving turns into solution doing. The part when ducks are marched, things get done, and the world gets used to the new normal.

That’s some problems.

The rest … trickier.

The answers don’t present themselves so easily and the lines aren’t so straight. It’s a struggle and a wriggle to get from where we are to where we need to be. The ingredients: stick-to-it-ness, luck, smarts, all the necessary arts and resources. It’s hard, but you get there.

And then, the insoluble.

Some problems can’t be scaled. All you’ll ever do it look them in the face or find a way around.

Skippy strategy: Sometimes, the only way across … is to go around.