May 3, 2017

Good energy


That’s some powerful good energy you’ve got there.

Don’t turn it bad on …

– Wrangling over or meaningless choices.

– Focusing on things that don’t matter.

– Trying to retrieve lost causes.

– Wandering after if-only’s.

– Trying to control all the things you can’t control.

– Worrying the bone.

– Looking back.

– Looking for meaning in mindless actions.

– Looking again at something that’s done and settled.

– Chasing reasons where there’s nothing but air.

– Getting mad.

– Getting even.

– Doing things you don’t want to, to get things you don’t care about, just so the other fella loses and you can say you won.

Do something better with that good energy. Use it to … do the things you want to. Influence and control what you can influence and control. Make things happen. Push forward. Manage your resources. Get excited. Get everyone else excited. Make things happen.

Skippy strategy: Use that good energy to do what you can do.