December 2, 2020

Good to go


By the time we’ve come to where we’re at, with out products and services at the point where they meet the needs and expectations of our customers, where our processes produce what we need them to produce, where our team can pull off the trick, where our own management practice achieves the results we’re talking about … we’re pretty much set. Good to go.

Every component of the system has its place, its contribution, its reason to exist. All the pieces fit together to produce the outputs and outcomes we’ve come to expect.

When things work, it’s easy to take every piece of the jigsaw for granted. Expecting it to be there, and expecting it to be good at what it does.

What if one wasn’t, what if one was struggling to keep up? Don’t relax on assumptions that everything is as fine as you imagine.

Skippy strategy: Examine the pieces.