December 15, 2016

Gotta roll


Don’t you love a straight line. That goes between point A and point B by the shortest possible route. Without kinks or bumps. Perfect.

It’s not the project way.

The project way is … errrrmm … less … direct.

It bends and loops and cul de sacs (which isn’t even a doing word) and squiggles around. There are pauses to outlast, and immovable objects to skirt, and uncertainties to bridge. There are competing forces pushing sideways and backways. There are mountains to scale and chasms to avoid. You gotta roll with it. Take everything and keep on truckin’.

Which is easy to say at the beginning, and easy-peasy at the end, but in the middle there … that’s hard work all on its own.

The name of the game: find a way. The place to look: where everyone wins.

Skippy strategy: When there’s stones in the road, keep on rolling.