August 21, 2021

Holding pattern


It’s never comfortable stacked up in a holding pattern. When you’ve done all you can do and the decision maker is taking their own sweet time. Waiting. Not knowing what will make the difference or when the decision will be made. Circling. Watching the world go around in circles. Nothing you can do except, if you’re so inclined, to worry, to shout at the moon, to get all up and angsty.

If there’s a string you can pull, yank it. If there’s a way to peek inside the process, peel back the curtain. For all the other times, get used to being out of control.

Two things. Remember how this feels and vow not to put any of your team through the same wringer. Get on with something else, anything, because anything is better than peering into the cloudy abyss.

Skippy strategy: When you’re waiting, get on with something else.