December 6, 2018

Hoping (ignoring)


Every now and again you just have to sit down and churn your way through a pile of work. 

Pick up the first thing on the pile, churn it.

Pick up the next, churn it.

Pick up another, get it done.

And by the time the sun sets again, many things will be complete.

A solid day of productivity is a little daunting looking forward but feels good looking back.

The question is … how did we get here?

Sometimes, it’s life or work or the crazy schedule you set yourself that gets in the way. No issues with that as long as you meet your commitments.

Sometimes though, you’ve created your own misery by sitting back and hoping (ignoring) hoping (ignoring), hoping (ignoring) that the work will do itself. It won’t.

Do it now or do it later. With time, or without.

Skippy strategy: Get it done today.