May 20, 2017

Hopping horses


When you’re working on your idea – all the way from the spark to taking it out to show the world – keep a weathered eye out for the next idea.

The joy – with all that experience, it’s likely the next idea will be bigger and better and more doable that the last. It will be informed by the conversations you’ve had and problems you’ve solved and blind alleys you’ve illuminated. It will feel close, possible. It will remind you why you like to start things. It will excite you.

The danger – after the excitement, you’ll turn back to today and feel worn down and battle scarred. You’ll see the difficulties. You’ll count the days lost. You might even want to change horses.

Keep the next idea where it belongs; next.

Line it up for tomorrow, but push through on today.

Finish what you start.

Skippy strategy: Hop between horses? No … finish.