September 26, 2020

How many projects?


How many projects? How many? How much can you, we, they achieve?

There’s a theoretical, perfect maximum. Take from that the lost time from, life, then from thrashing at the beginning and from chopping and changing between things, then from less than ideal management and missing resources and delays from third parties. Then remove the inevitable blind alleys you’ll go down, the spinning in circles when you get lost in the hills, the inevitable friction between a good idea and honing the skills to pull it off, and talking of friction, remove a chunk because humans are involved.

The result? Everything takes longer than you’d like, is harder that you thought, and involves steps you never even considered more than five minutes before they became inevitable.

Which means: to get through projects faster and smarter, have fewer projects.

Skippy strategy: Don’t overload the machine with too much to do.