July 1, 2020

Hubris has a habit


There are lots of choices. From this point, we can invest in any of seventeen options in untold permutations, we could put all our money on black, or hedge a little on red, we could go north or south (but not both). Or how about north east, or south west, or north-north-east or east-north-east? We could split in two and go north and south after all, or to any other points on the compass.

Choices, choices.

Most times, we’re short of resources and the game is working out how best to use whatever we have. Sometimes though, whether by luck or judgement, we have more to play with than we absolutely need … and hubris has a habit of getting in the way. Chasing every rabbit often leads to missing them all. The one word that’s worth three: focus, focus, focus.

Skippy strategy: Invest resources in the things you really care about.