March 4, 2019

Ideas are free-ish


Ideas are free.

Ideas aren’t so much free as they come from combining a bunch of notions that you already know until you come up with a novel thought. That combining/idea-ing process sometimes feels effortless but it only ever follows the hard work of building notions (the subject of years, or last night’s homework) and letting them rest.

The idea itself is free – but getting into the state to have ideas costs time and effort.

So ideas are free-ish.

Except, to have value you’re forced to work them into a fitting shape. Ideas don’t pop out fully formed, they’re always only part way there. They demand polishing and reworking and recombining and finessing and tearing down and starting again-ing-ing-ing.

The idea itself is free – there’s just more to them than the idea itself.

So, ideas are free-ish.

Their value though … how they work.

Skippy strategy: Ideas are free. Kinda.