January 19, 2024

If it needs doing


With plenty of, y’ know, day-to-day work to do, and all the distractions of day-to-day life, the little meetings, the snatches of time, the phone calls and emails and catching up … it’s easy to let the big thing gather in a pile. Those things that will takes hours or days to chew through. Those things that demand long chunks of exclusive attention. Those things that sit like spaghetti and only you can unravel. Big stuff.

Reality check – they won’t get done if you don’t get onto them.

Health check – do they need to be done? If so, by when?

Now you’re sure … you can figure out some thoughtful project management process to break down the tasks, work back from the deadlines and squeeze the two-hour focus-slots in amongst the schedule. Or, you can sit with coffee start the work. Today. 

Skippy strategy: If big stuff needs doing … get it done.