January 17, 2018

If you care


Meetings come, to-do lists get populated, meetings go. There’s always a lot to get on with. Not just your stuff, but everybody else’s. You nudge this here, make headway there, complete the odd task today and push back the big things until there’s some big space in the planner.

Generally though, everyone gets on with whatever keeps them busy and most things wriggle their way to a healthy conclusion.

Except sometimes … not so much.

You forget things. They forget things. You get distracted. They get busy. And most times, that’s ok. A lot of jobs on the list weren’t urgent and were only ever nice-to-haves anyway. Nobody cares when they slide off the pile.

Except sometimes … it wasn’t urgent (then) but it very much was important. And, surprise, it’s even more important and the timing is critical.

Don’t let tings slide. And if you care … follow up.

Skippy strategy: Follow up.