January 10, 2021

If you’re serious


If it was a contract, and the contract was serious, you’d spend time working out all the main terms and even more time nailing down what has to be delivered, by which party, and when. 

Of course, it’s possible you’d nod through the main terms and sign off on the deliverables without paying much attention, it’s possible you’d be three days or weeks or months into the thing before realising you’d gone down a track that’s different from the one expected, it’s possible you’d get caught out, or tripped up, or kicked off by something you hadn’t considered but the other side had.

In reality, if it was a contact, and the contract was serious, and you were serious, there’d be no nodding through or careless signing off.

If it’s not a contract, if you’re serious, same principles apply.

Skippy strategy: If you’re serious, if you care … apply the discipline.