November 12, 2021

I’m confused


When is the best time to sort out confusion? Today.

If you can’t sort it out today, raise the issue today. If you can’t raise the issue because you don’t have the data, start collecting the data today. If you can’t collect the data because you need others to help, reach out to them today.

Confusion eats away at things. It’s makes you question everything, it has you second guessing what you heard and the meaning of what you see. Not just for you but for everyone connected. It slows things down, it sets them off on the wrong path, it makes for bad decisions or delayed decisions.

The remedy? I’m confused. I hear this but I see that and I can’t reconcile them – can somebody help me out here?

You won’t sound stupid, you’ll sound like the one trying to see clearly.

Skippy strategy: It’s the day to sort confusion.