July 12, 2017

I’m thinking this


You can go a long way on your own but at some point, and sooner than you think, you have to consult the customer. “I’m thinking this. What do you think?”

There’s arguments against … the customer doesn’t really know what they want, they can’t see leaps, they only  imagine what they have now but slightly better and slightly cheaper – mostly true. That if you’re led by the herd you become afraid of everything and might just fall off a cliff – also true.

The counter … if you only act on what you believe is best for the customer, you’re really acting on faith, and you’re in danger of creating a self-referential cult of one – worse than a cliff.

So maybe they can’t see the leaps, maybe they can’t connect the dots on their own. But show them what you’re thinking, ask for their opinion, triangulate for true north.

Skippy strategy: Multiple inputs, one direction.