December 20, 2018

Implementation, right?


Let’s assume for the moment that the process goes something like this:

1. Have the idea

2. Build it

3. Sell it

And let’s also assume your plan is the same as most plans for these kind of things. 

With that set up … where do you spend most of your time?

It’s all about implementation, right, so 2?

That’s the standard plan, not the skippy one. The skippy way respects the importance of time working up the idea and the shoe leather of taking it out to meet the world. Easily as much effort as it takes coaxing things into life. 

The reason? They’re all deeply human and iterative. 

Anything else underplays the importance of squeezing out the good ideas, and assumes it will sell if you chuck it over the wall – which it won’t.

Skippy strategy: Equal energies and a long haul.