March 25, 2024

In a technology company


In a technology company, the technology is the answer.

You build the product with it, around it, through it. It’s in everything you say and do. It’s the focus of the entire company, it’s the first thing that gets funded, the first subject in the sales call, the focus of every presentation. Its clever complexity seduces and fascinates the organisation.

In a technology company, the technology is the problem.

It’s primacy obscures reality. The reality of the customer, the market, the world outside the inner sanctum. They don’t care about the technology (well, the people with the kind of money that can make a difference), they care about their problems, they care about the hiccups in their own process and their costs and they speed and their own customers.

In every company, the technology is for the customer.

Skippy strategy: Don’t let the clever complexity get in the way.