September 30, 2018

In perspective


Bringing new things into the world is not a smooth slope.

You know it’s going to be uphill (despite the hope), you know there’ll be good days and bad days and that your best days are when you’re keeping everyone on point and in perspective, you know every forecast move to the right and every little thing takes longer than you’d like, and you know – for sure – that in the end it’s about the people … good and not so good. 

All that you know.

And you know there will be lumps and bumps and setbacks and over-promises and under-deliveries and missing the obvious signs.

Some of which you love – the firefighting, the pressure, those moments when all eyes turn to you. And some you loathe – when it was down to you and you fluffed it.

It’s not a smooth slope. Suck it up. Learn.

Skippy strategy: Keep everything in perspective.