October 1, 2018

In the corner


It’s the daily mix that keeps things interesting. The meetings and emails and calls and customers and firefights and interruptions and water coolers and product development sessions and supplier negotiations and board room wrangles and strategy and strategic intent and operational reality. It’s the stuff that fills your day, occupies your dreams, and makes your world go around.

Time it. All that busyness. All that pep. All that move, move, move. All that fingers in every pie.

And you get nothing done.

And there’s no way to avoid it. Sure you can delegate and filter and select, you can focus where your leverage is greatest, you can find yourself a system. And still you’ll spend most of your day running to stand still. Accept it. That’s the job. 

And carve out one thing and one hour all the same.

Skippy strategy: Lean in, and find your focus in the corner.